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555 Timer IC, The IC Time Machine

2015-02-05 17:10  
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There are many type of“The IC Time Machine” – 555 Timer IC, it depends on their manufacturers. For example Philips and Texas Instrument named this device as SE/NE555, National Semiconductor for LM555, Motorola/ON-Semi for MC1455. These devices provide relatively cheap and practical solutions for a variety of applications related to electronic timing (timing).

555 IC Timer PIN Diagram

Even differ from their names but type of555 Timer ICfunction and diagram mutually compatible with each other or so called functional and pin-to-pin compatible. Only a few specific characteristic that make them different such power consumption, maximum frequency and etc. They work in three operating modes: monostable, ashtable and bistable/scmitt trigger. Thus, these device can be applied in many purposes such as timers, touch switch, pulse detection, logic clock, security alarm, lamp flashers, bouncefree latched switches, etc.

The picture above showed the PIN diagram among these devices (click to enlarge).The 555 Timer ICis designed that only require a few external components to work, mainly are external resistors and capasitors. They are working with the principle of using the (charging) and drain (discharging) of the capacitor through the external resistor. Below we provide you with 555 Timer IC models/types from various manufacturers.

National SemiconductorsLM1455/LM555/LM555C
Texas InstrumentsSN52555/SN72555, TLC555, NE555
Fairchild SemiconductorsNE555/KA555
Philips (ECG)ECG955M
STMicroelectronicsNE555N/ K3T647

(table source: wikipedia.org)