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555 multiple signals generator circuit

2015-01-29 22:02  
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555 multiple signals generator circuit
As shown on the figure 8-42, this circuit is the timing and audio circuit parts of the monitoring device model. It includes 15s~20s periodic pulse waveform, second signal and 800Hz audio circuit. The actable multivibrator consists of the IC1 and R16,R19,C12. The oscillation period: T=0.693(R18+2R19)C12. According to the need, we can use the R13 to change the period and the duty ratio. The clock oscillator consists of the IC2 and R23,R24,C13. The IC3 is a 800Hz audio oscillator, its control site's 5 foot is controlled by the VT1's turn-on or cut-off to output variation tone.