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555 musical flashing electronical ball circuit used in the g

2015-01-27 19:05  
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555 musical flashing electronical ball circuit used in the game of passing hydrangea macrophylla
IC1 adopts the time base circuit 555, the monostable delay circuit is composed of IC1, R1, R2, RP1, C1. Before playing the game, the switch SN should be cut off, 555's 2 foot is high level( it is connected to VDD by R1), 555 is in reset state. When playing the hydrangea macrophylla, you must press SN first then pass the hydrangea macrophylla, due to 2 foot's low level, 555 is set, the high level which is outputed by 3 foot provides IC2 with working voltage. When you arepressing SN, C1 discharges inside the chip by 555's 7 foot; after it, SN cuts off, the chip internal discharge lamp turns off, C1 is charged by R2, RP1, when C1's voltage is charged to 2/3 VDD, namely, 6 foot level reaches resetting voltage, 555 turns to reset state, 3 foot turns to low level, IC2 is no electricity and it stops phonating.