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555 power-limiting circuit with acousto-optic warning alarm

2015-02-03 06:30  
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555 power-limiting circuit with acousto-optic warning alarm function
The monostable delay circuit is composed of IC4(555) and R3, RP2, C4. Within power rationing quota, IC2, VT1 all cut off, the 555's set terminal 2 foot is in high level, 555's output terminal 3 foot is low level, relay K is in release condition, its normally closed contact K2-2 is closed, normally open contact K1-1 is shut off. If the user passes beyond the power rationing, the transformer H's secondary voltage increases, IC1 is triggered and conduction, then VT1 is saturation conduction, 555's 2 foot turns to low level, IC4 is set, 3 foot turns to high level, LED1(red)lights, K takes a action(pull in), the user's power supply circuit(K2-2)is cut off, K1-1 closes; IC3 obtains the electricity and triggers, then it emits the warning of dodo, please note .