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555 precautionary type electric leakage automatic protector

2015-02-01 02:38  
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555 precautionary type electric leakage automatic protector circuit
As shown in the figure 10-8, the protector is composed of zero-sequence transformer, preamplifier stage and monostable dalay circuit. In the context of the protector's input is 220V(+12%~-23%), 50Hz, the electric leakage warning current is between 2.5~3.7mA; the electric leakage action current is 7.7~11mA; the electric leakage action time is lower than 0.1s; the automatic recovery power supply time is between 10~15s; the rated load current is 3A. The circuit is composed as the core of 555. It uses 555's reset terminal(4 foot), then can accomplish the testing function of precautionary current leakage; It uses 6 foot to do the testing of electric leakage; electric discharge terminal(7 foot) does the precautionary audio alarming; the output terminal and set terminal(2 foot)accomplish the automatic reset function.