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555 shooting game machine circuit

2015-02-03 18:31  
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The astable multivibrator is composed of IC3 and R5, R6, R3, C5, the oscillation frequency f=1.44(R5+2R6)C5, it is about 1000Hz. At the same time, The output of IC3 is made as the trigger pulse of SCR1~SCR5 by D2, R7. K1~K5 are made into target, when the bullet hits it , the relevant switch is connected, then the relevant SCR is triggered. Only SCR1~SCR5's G pole is triggered in order, LED2~LED6 will light. When IC1's timing time(60s)is ended, IC2 is sealed by the low level which is outputed by 555, IC2 is in forced reset state. At the same time, IC1 chip's discharge lamp is in short-circuit condition, even if it bits the target, SCR will not be triggered and turned on.