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555 simple motor phase failure and overcurrent protection de

2015-01-27 00:21  
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555 simple motor phase failure and overcurrent protection device circuit
As shown in the figure 10-21, AC hypotension rectifier circuit provides this circuit with VDD=12V voltage power. The current transformer takes anyone from the three phase motor, after its AC signal is rectificated and filtered, it is used as the monostable delay circuit's comparative voltage which is composed of 555. When it is connected to power supply, 555's 2 foot is low level, 555 is set, 3 foot is high level, J has no action. The short steady time td=1.1(R1+R2)C2, the time constant can be changed by adjusting RC2. When the motor works normally, adjusting RP1, the motor current is turned to lower than 2/3 VDD voltage by LH, it is added to IC's 6 foot.