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Automobile instrument theory circuit of 70 road vehicle of T

2015-02-01 21:46  
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Automobile instrument theory circuit of 70 road vehicle of Toyota Land Cruiser
Front and rear windscreen of 70 light-duty off-road vehicles have wiper washing device, and intermittent relay, 103 and 109. The mist grid of Wiper switch 102 is the inching control block, its speed is low. The figure shows that: 64 is a air filter blocking warning light; 65 is an air filter clogging alarm switch; 66 is a fuel filter alarm buzzer; 67 is a fuel filter warning light; 65 is a fuel filter alarm switch; 69 is a combination the instrument panel; 70 is a four-wheel drive indicator light; 71 is a fourteen-driven light switch; 72a, 72b are turbo indicator; 73a, 73b are turbo indicator switch; 74 is a cancel switch; 75 is a T-belt light; 76 is a bulb check relay; 77 is a vacuum switch (for braking); 78 is a brake fluid level switch; 79 is hand brake switch; 80 is hand brake light; 81 is an oil pressure gauge; 82 is an oil pressure gauge sensor; 83 is a thermometer; 84 is a thermometer sensor; 85 is a fuel gauge; 86 is a fuel gauge sensors; 87 is a voltmeter; 88 is an engine tachometer; 89 is a tachometer sensor; 90 is a speed warning buzzer switch; 91 is a speed warning buzzer; 92 is a speed sensor; 93 is a stop light; 94 is a parking light switch; F7 is a connection from the regulator L column, generators and generator work connected FireWire B-pillar; 162 is a differential lock 4WD electronic control unit terminals No. 8; 23 is an engine electronic control unit; 3 is little fire switch; F6 is a fuse connected from the ignition switch IG1; 27 is point fire coil; 46 is an electronic engine emission control devices; 23 is an engine electronic control unit; 162 is an electronic differential lock control