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Basic Monostable Multivibrator based IC timer 555 circuit di

2015-01-30 22:17  
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A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two-state systems such as light emitting diodes, timers and flip-flops. The monostable multivibrator will create a condition: in which one of the states is stable, but the other is not—the circuit will flip into the unstable state for a determined period, but will eventually return to the stable state. Such a circuit is useful for creating a timing period of fixed duration in response to some external event. This circuit is also known as a one shot. A common application is in eliminating switch bounce.

Basic Monostable Multivibrator based IC timer 555 circuit


C1_______ read the diagram
C2_______ 10nF
IC1______ LM555


R1 and C1 determine length of output pulse where t=R1xC1 and R1 is in ohms and C1 is in farads.Pin 4 is the RESET. Leave it connected to power supply ( V) during normal operation. Bring pin 4 AND pin 2 low at the same time to reset timing cycle.

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