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Circuit Diagram of 555 Inductive-Switch Power Supplier

2015-01-31 04:45  
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The figure as shown, 555 and R1、R2、C1 build up the astable multivibrator, the oscillation frequency is about 10KHZ, the duty cycle is nearly 50%. VT2、VT3 are used as the switch to amplify the current. When the oscillating square wave is high, VT2, VT3 will be conduction and then discharge to the LC; when the current is low, the energy storage of L supply power to the burden by the freewheeling diode circuit. When the condition is overvoltage, DW will breakdown and VT1 conduction saturated, C<0.7V, this process play the fuction of regulator and dynamic balance. Welcome to reprint, the information is from the Weiku Electronic Market Network (www.dzsc.com).