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Monostable Circuit with 555 Timer

2015-02-06 03:38  
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Here is monstable cirrcuit using ic555 timer. It is a mixture of analogue and circuitry and its applications are virtually limitless in the world of digital pulse generation. It can be used for producing accurate time delays or oscillation. The555 timeris one of the most versatile IC’s ever produced. With component values shown this works out at approximately 1.1msec. The output duration is independant of the input trigger pulse, and the output from the555 timeris buffered and can directly interface to CMOS or TTL IC's, providing that the supply voltages match that of the logic family. The timing period is precise and equivalent to:1.1 x R1 x C1. Here is a schematicmonostable circuit with 555 timer drawing:


555 400x214 Monostable Circuit with 555 Timer

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