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Remote Control Using the NE 555 and LM 567

2015-01-27 00:47  
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Simple circuit diagram is a schematicremote control,remote controlwhere it consists of two parts of the transmitter and receiver. The first part is a transmitter, circuit diagrams for transmitter IC is controlled by the NE555. This system works by detecting the signal emitted frequency. Frequency signal so that the transmitter circuit (NE 555, can also use the LM 567 as a generator frequency) must be equal to the frequency decoder. The following is a schematicremote controldrawing transmitter:

Transmitter Remote Control Using NE 555 and LM 567 Remote Control Using the NE 555 and LM 567


At the transmitter frequency is determined by the value of R1 and C1 with the following equation:

f = 1 / (1.1 xR1xC1)

To facilitate the process of tunning, the R1 is a resistor in the receiver variable. While the transmitter is a fixed value. When the circuit is ready, so the system works well, the first step taken is to tunning, by way of the transmitter is turned on continuously, while the receiver R1 to set the value to be able to detect the signal transmitter (can be determined by the reaction of the relay is clicked). For the second part is a circuit diagram of the receiver, the receiver is controlled by the LM567. The following is a schematic remote control drawing receiver:

Receiver Remote Control Using NE 555 and LM 567 500x209 Remote Control Using the NE 555 and LM 567

In the picture on top of each channel is designed with a different frequency. By considering the bandwidth of the frequency detection signal LM 567, inter-frequency channels should have a big enough difference, let’s try remote control with a difference of 5 KHz.

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