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Switch Monostable/Timer with 555 IC

2016-05-01 00:54  
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A schematic diagram of a blow about-face ambit is apparent below. This ambit abide of timer, one shoot multivibrator and blow terminal. As timer, this ambit uses 555 timer which is affiliated to one-shot multivibrator. The blow terminal is acclimated to activate this circuit. The achievement of this ambit can be acclimated to drive a ability transistor, CMOS circuitry, hexFET transistor or optocoupler. Here is the schematic diagram of the blow about-face circuit:
Using the accustomed ethics as apparent in the schematic diagram, this ambit has timed ON aeon of 4 seconds. The amount of C2 and R3 determines the ON time, accretion the amount of C2 or R3 will access the ON time. The ON time is decreased if the amount of C2 or R3 is decreased.