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The Monostable Operating Mode in 555 Timer IC Circuit, an Ap

2015-01-30 18:49  
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There are basic modes operation in 555:Monostable, Astable (oscilatory), and Schmitt Trigger. The following application555 Timer Monostable Wired to demonstrate the control voltage functionwill discuss about Monostable Operating Mode in 555 Timer IC Circuitry since monostable mode are commonly useful in producing timing signal such on a light of automatic garage door openers.

Accordingly,the monostable operation modeis a circuit that produces an output pulse of fixed duration each time the input circuit is triggered. As in the garage door example above, the monostable is triggered when the door is opened and turn the light on for duration of the output pulse. It can produce up to 200 mA output supply that is more than enough to drive LED or small loudspeaker.

You will be then described with steps inwiring 555 timer for monostable operation, using an osciloscope to determine seconds the LED stays lit, measuring pulse width, demonstating the reset function of the 555 timer monostable mode connection, and varying the duraton of the timer’s output pulse using the control pin.

Follow on complete read ofThe Monostable Operating Mode in 555 Timer IC Circuit, in 555 Timer Application Datasheet (source: physics.udel.edu).