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The NE 555 Timer IC Datasheet Applications and Circuit Schem

2015-02-05 16:30  
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NE-555 timer ICwas being introduced around May 1971 by the Signetics Corporation, to become known as the NE-555 /Car Tachometer Circuit SchematicsSE-555, and was also the very first very mass-produced commercially produced timer IC available at that time. Philips semiconductor was then introduced this 555 timer in mid 1972. Its characteristics for versatility, stability, low cost, simplicity to produce long time delays in a variety of applications, make Electronic Engineers, Circuit Designers from mechanical timers, op amps, and various discrete circuits into the ever increasing ranks of timer users.

Invented by a clever Swiss man, Hans R. Camenzind in 1970,the NE-555 timer ICwent on to become a legend in the industry. As we already know, the 555 timer operates in three basic mode: monostable (one shot), astable (oscilatory), and time delay. In the article below each of basic operating mode were described detailly in one sequence with its schematic diagrams.

Another sections you can follow in thisdatasheet applicationsare general design consideration of the 555 timer, frequently asked applications question (FAQ), design formulas, and sample of some ingenious applications. The sample of applications were presented such as Missing Pulse Detector, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Tone Burst Generator, Long Time Delays, Car Tachometer (click to enlarge the picture above), Auto Burglar Alarm, Cable Tester, Automobile Voltage Regulator, and more. Each sample is given with clear and detail circuit schematic diagrams.

The article is ended with Theory of Operation and The Speed Warning Circuit section. Read on complete information aboutThe NE 555 Timer IC Datasheet Applications and Circuit Schematicswith link to download in pdf document provided.