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The protection circuit of 555 fridge

2015-02-04 10:04  
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See as Figure 13-8, the protector is formed by sub-circuits of the step-down rectifier, delay starter, over/low voltage sample and trigger,etc. The protector has functions of over voltage (>245v) and low voltage(<175v) protection, off-delay operation(about 7 minutes) and so on, and it's power saving(<2w) and cost saving. Figure 13-8. Theexternalprotection circuit of fridges IC(555), R4 and C3 consist the single steady delay circuit, the delaying time is td=1.1R4C3, the delaying time of the parameter in the figure is about 7min. When the circuit is protecting the fridge, LED1(red) is glowing, and the fridge outlet is cut off; when it is working normally, LED2(green) is glowing.