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The rear foglight, defrosting and scraping water theory circ

2015-01-30 03:19  
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The rear foglight, defrosting and scraping water theory circuit of 70 road vehicle of Toyota Land Cruiser
Screws commonly used in exterior of lighting to adjust headlamp beam, which is very inconvenient. Japan's Lexus sedan (E5300, Lexus LS400) and the Land Cruiser off-road vehicles all use electronical control to adjust. Light ball in light bowl have a fairly large space. It uses electromotor to change the place of the light ball (light) in the reflecting mirror to adjust the beam. It can be imagined that the fixing device and Headlamp beam of the bulbs in the interior of lights is more complex. Figure 1 shows the regulator current from the electromotor of actuating mechanism of fuse F13 (129 relay access from the rear) belongs to the permanent magnet motor, as long as the armature current commutates, the motor rotation will change. Two of relays can be used to change the current direction. When electromotor armature does not work, both ends of the armature phase often combine with electrical contacts. Both ends connecting with the iron can make an effect on dynamic to ensure positioning whiling stopping after adjustment.