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A No Doze Loudness Tone Alarm Circuit

2016-02-18 00:59  
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A No Doze Loud Tone  Alarm Circuit prevents you from falling asleep by beeping when your head starts to nod forward.perfect for truck drivers on long stretches of monotonous road, drivers prone to sleeping behind the wheel, students burning the midnight oil, security guards, machine operators, etc.Prevents drivers from getting into potential car accidents and even death by keeping them alert all the time.This circuit mainly by voice and switch integrated circuits KD ~ 9561 IC TWH8778 composition of the work, by the KD9561 output alarm sound signal, the high current switch ICs handle  TWH8778 amplified, and promote sound the alarm loud speaker.This circuit sends out a loud tone if the input switch (S2) is not retriggered at preset intervals.If youfall asleep and miss re-triggering the circuit, it will sound until you press S2. When you use No Doze Alarm, you no long have to worry about dozing off during that long drive ,Potential lifesaver for any driver or trucker on the road.

No Doze Alarm Circuit