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A beeping burglar alarm transformer circuit

2016-02-20 11:17  
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 A beeping burglar alarm indicates there is either a glitch in the system, a communication problem, or some other malfunction that needs to be corrected to restore the security system to operational status.The simple circuit transforms the steady beep of an audible-signal device, such as a Mallory sonalert, into a distinctive warble or chirp. The value of R, C2 determines just what tone color you`ll get. With 1k the 1-I`F value shown, the circuit produces a warble similar to the ring tone of an inexpensive phone. A R, 10-I`F value produces a chirp similar to a truck`s 2ok back-up alarm.One elaboration of this circuit would be to use the second section of a 555 timer to drive a piezoelectric transducer instead of a sonalert; that modification would vary the tone`s pitch, as well as the chirp rate.If your system indicates that it has a trouble condition for a “Failure to communicate” or “Phone line fault” you should test your system with central station before you schedule a service call to determine whether the problem still exists or whether it was just a momentary glitch.