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A fire alarm circuit schematic presentation

2016-02-19 06:40  
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This article is the introduction of a fire alarm circuit principle. In order to you more clearly understand the schematic diagram, please look at the picture combined with text. This circuit fire accident warning users. It depends on the smoke, in the event of a fire. When the smoke through a light bulb and between a long distance relationship, lower light fell on the LDR. This leads to resistance of the deposit-loan ratio increases, the voltage at the base of the transistor by high bonzi (client) to complete based on the supply. Can find in the market, different leaders have different voice. Bonzi choice depends on the user. Signal is produced by a robust audio  amplifier  amplification. In this circuit, audio power amplifier connected to the IC "development and application of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)", 2002. Circuit sensitivity depending on the distance between the light bulb and LDR VR1 and set the preset. So by the bulb and the deposit-loan ratio at an appropriate distance, a VR1 may be different preset optimal sensitivity. An on/off switch is suggested that the circuit and closing is desirable. The principle is simple, easy to grasp, but very practical.

Fire Alarm

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