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A modular burglar alarm circuit.

2016-02-20 04:01  
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This article describes a modular burglar alarm circuit. For your better understanding in the diagram, we recommend that you look at the text. This circuit features automatic entry and exit delays and a timed Bell cut-off. It offers two regular and normally open contacts, and a 24-hour personal attacks / ram area. It is connected permanently to the 12 volt supply and its operation is "enabled" SW1 open. By using the expansion module, you can add as many regions as you need; Some or all of these may be the inertia (shock) sensor type. All green LED  should light when you open SW1. Approximately one minute and then you leave the building. When you do, the buzzer will sound. It should stop sounding when you shut the door behind you. This indicates that the exit / enter the loop has been successfully restored within the time allowed it. When you enter the building you about one minute, the next move SW1 position. If SW1 is not closed time, the relay will inspire and sounds main bell. It will ring up to about 40 minutes. But it can be turned off at any time by SW1. "Instant" zone without input delay. If you do not want to use the N / O switch, eliminating the R8, C8 and Q2, suitable betw1een link 3, C7 leadership. 24 hours PA / Tamper protection provided by SCR / thyristor. If any of the switches in the N / C loop open, R11 will trigger the SCR and will hit the bell. In this case, Bell is no time limit. Once the recirculation is closed, the SCR may reset by SW2 and the current flow is temporarily interrupted. The basic circuit will be satisfactory in many cases. However, it is easier to find fault when the alarm control panel can be divided into regional and remember this area cause activation. Expansion module is designed to do this. Although they will deal with existing instant zone, they are intended to replace it. When an area is activated, the red LED will light and remain lit until the reset button is pressed. All modules can share a reset button. Burglar alarm modular scaffolds including stripboard layout prototype, a parts list, a complete circuit description and more. Understanding of the text, you can plug a high efficiency.


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