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Alarm Circuit - 5 Zone

2016-02-21 01:19  
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This article describes is a separate area with five complete alarm system. The system is suitable for use in a small office or home environment. Each region has indicators of the "system armed" indicator. Each zone uses a normally closed contact. These can be micro switches or standard alarm contacts (usually reed switches). Appropriate switching can buy from the store and hide the alarm door or window ledge. Some RF immunity is to provide long-term wiring runs by the input capacitors, c1 c5. C7 and R14 also form a transient suppressor. Key switch acts as Set / recovery and reset switch. This should be a good safety key type of metal. Zone 1 is a timing belt must be used as the input and the building exit points. Zone 2 - 5 is the direct area, which will trigger an alarm, no delay.

5zalm 5 Zone alarm circuit
Circuit works as follows: the switch on, C6 will be charged, as this delay and exit through R11 is set to about 30 seconds. This can be changed to either different or R11 C6. Once the time period has passed, LED6 the light, which means that the system equipment.  LED 6 can be mounted externally (in the bell box for example) and provides visual, system settings. Once set any contact opens will trigger the alarm, including Zone 1. In entering the building to prevent an alarm is triggered, covert re-switch must operate. This will discharge C6 and start the timer. Back cabin switch may be hidden reed switch, located anywhere on the door frame, but invisible to the eye. Panic switch, when being interviewed, it will trigger the alarm when set. Relay contacts RLA1 provide lock, RLA2 operating siren or buzzer.