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Anti-theft alarm circuit

2016-02-20 06:13  
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This article describes the burglar alarm circuits. The circuit is very simple but effective utility, worth Duokanjibian then master the principles of this principle. The alarm circuit is based on two 555 timers. The alarm will sound your car horn if someone open the door while the circuit is armed. Timer will allow you to leave the car without sounding speakers. The circuit on S1 must be closed. Set the alarm, open S2 (NC) which will give you about 5 seconds to go out and shut the door. Exit delay time is set by R1 and C1. If someone opened the door, and then two seconds will sound until the polygon is to remove the power circuit. 2 fixed R2 and C2. (An important component of this circuit is 2N4403 ,  you can find out) 

Alarm Circuit


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