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Automatic vehicle alarm

2016-02-18 20:57  
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In operation, the alarm circuit may have a time delay of 0-47 seconds, the combination of RL / CL, the switch can be mounted to the vehicle motion sensor 'settle down. This allows you to easily avoid unnecessary trouble. During the time delay, half of LEDL green light. LEDL is actually a single, two-, three-legged common cathode devices. At the same time, the alarm through U2 pin 8 and 4 (555 oscillator / timer) remain low through the UL (3905 oscillator / timer) to keep the default. Once LEDL turns red is the alarm delay, indicating that the circuit is armed.


At this point, U2 Force 3 U2 2 feet tall ground, close contact KL, and sounding the siren, duration controlled by R4 and C2. As long as more than this time, three feet is pulled low, KL open circuit once again gaining momentum. R3 potentiometer control LED illumination. The circuit can be a simple way to manually reset the key switch on and off. Diodes D1 control green segment LED! LED is completely extinguished, QL control the LED red. Resistors R4 and R5 mustbe V bus connection, rather than feet 7 UL, otherwise mysterious U2 will trigger the end of each initial delay.


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