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Automotive ice alarm circuit

2016-02-20 02:24  
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The car alarm ice circuit uses three parts and the thermistor  LM3900 quad op amp IC. When the temperature drops to 36 ° F LED indicator flashes once every second. Flashing rate increases with temperature drops to 32 ° F when the LED lit.

Car Ice ararm circuit 

Op amp is a free-running multivibrator feed of about 1 Hz to the third operational amplifier inverting input pulse signal. Amplifier I standard network connected to its inverting input terminal of the resistance of the thermistor resistance value. Output a € "the Fed's noninverting input operational amplifier with temperature changes IIIA € This amplifier compares the op-amp output I and II and conduction of the LED, the multivibrator output level drops below an operational amplifier monitor calibration mixture of ice and water, the thermistor 20 KFI pot to adjust the LED stays on.


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