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Car Burglar Alarm system with radio wave signal

2016-02-21 02:10  
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When steal open automobile door relay K1 and K2 work make have voltage 12V give radio transmitter and origin sound part for mix radio waves steal will deaf anything sound. Because radio high frequency. But car owner will hear the sound , by take handbag very small radio, tune the frequency directly with the frequency of a transmitter. Which there is just not mW as a result the enough. A transmitter will still work for 15S (fix the time has with R3 and C1) although the door will open then follow thereafter radio transmitter will stop to work. Because of Transistor stop bias relay contract K2 be scratched. The transistor that use must durable current change relay get. If use battery separate separately and use an antenna model to draw start up the motor this use within a car , steal will can not cut the work has of from the outside.

Car Burglar Alarm system with radio wave signal

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