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Chrysler Single Wire Door Lock/Unlock Alarm System Circuit D

2016-02-20 05:32  
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The followingcircuit diagrams the Chrysler Single Wire System. The 1995 Cirrus/Dodge Stratus use this door lockingChrysler Single Wire Door Locking Circuit Diagramsystem, another Chrysler models such as 1993-95 New Yorker, LHS, Dodge Intrepid, Concorde can also be wired using this single wire method.

This Single Door Locking Wire controls both lock and unlock which means the pulse wires have to be connected to the same vehicle wire. The system is basically a resisted ( ) 12V Positive Trigger System with lock command is a 3V pulse and the unlock is a 6V pulse.

Resist the ( )12V positive lock pulse ofChrysler Single Wire Door Lock/Unlock System Circuitthrough a 620 Ohms resistor and the unlock pulse with a 2.7 kOhms resistor (source: microalarm.com).