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Circuit Diagram 6 zone alarm independent

2016-02-20 01:37  
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Here is 6 zone alarm independent circuit. this circuit suitable for a small office or home environment, it can also be adapted to use a combination lock or keypad to set and reset the alarm. All zones Z1 to Z6 use normally closed alarm contacts. Zone 1 is a timed zone which must be used as the entry and exit point of the building. Zones 2 to 6 are immediate zones, which will trigger the alarm with no delay. Some RF immunity is provided for long wiring runs by the input capacitors, C1 – C6. The key switch, S1 acts as the Set and Reset/Unset switch. For best security this should be the metal type switch with a key. Switch S2 is normally used in the run position. However in the test position, this allows a useful “walkthrough” test of the alarm. In the test position the input of U7A is always low and will not trigger the alarm, also the blanking input is also high, meaning that the 7 segment display is always illuminated. With all zones closed, open any zone, the corresponding number will be shown on the display. Note that if two zones are opened the diplay will not necessarily indicate the correct zone, this is not a fault, just the way the circuit is designed. When in run mode, the first zone to trigger the alarm is “caught” and latched and will be displayed until the alarm is reset. Here is a schematic drawing:

Circuit Diagram 6 zone alarm independent 383x400 Circuit Diagram 6 zone alarm independentsource: http://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk

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