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Dc Supply Low voltage alarm

2016-02-19 01:13  
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This low voltage circuit can be used to monitor batteries and other volatile sources of current for problems. The circuit sounds an alarm and lights anLED , but can be interfaced to any number of other circuits for many different uses. This inexpensive dc supply-voltage monitor sounds a warning when the voltage falls below a preset value. It is ideal for monitoring rechargeable batteries since it draws only a few microamperes when not sounding. The voltage at which the alarm sounds is determined by the zener diode. When the voltage falls below the zener voltage, the alarm sounds.The alarm tone is determined by the RC time constant of the 39 k resistor and 0.01 mf capacitor.Low voltage circuit" just like "low voltage work" are slang terms that do not have precise definitions but are commonly used to describe what most electricians think of as work with voltages under 50 volts .

Low-volts alarm