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Everything-that-moves ALARM Circuit Description

2016-02-21 18:34  
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This article is Everything - that - moves the ALARM circuit diagram. The circuit is not new, but it proved so useful, simple and cheap, worth building. Figure 1 circuit to guess close to detect the induced eddy current in the life of a living, both animals and humans. Five rounds of enamelled copper wire (30 s w g said.) Twisting range detection is happened (4 m x 4 m in the test), and an audio signal about? W is pulse through this, Tx, coil. A smaller Rx coil (say 100 turn 30 s w g enamelled copper wire wound in 150 mm in diameter. The former), is used as a sensor coil. This circuit is through the optimization and adjustment of fine-tuning control VR2 VR1 and, therefore, it is a standing back stop Rx coil. A simple clock generator (IC1a - IC1b) and power MOSFET (TR1=  IRF510 ) used in the transmitter, and a 7555 timer (IC2) connections as a sine square converter receiver. 's IC2 input bias by VR1, VR2 and R4. IC2 in turn switch nand gates IC1c and IC1d, drive relay RLA. Capacitor C5 switch relay for about two seconds, it may increase or decrease the value of different time periods. D2 is crucial to prevent e m f. From the re trigger circuit. Supply decoupling capacitor C1 and C4 is vital, and should be located close to the IC2 IC1, respectively. When a creature, animal or human, in tens of centimeters of Rx coil, circuit is triggered. The coil can be placed in the threshold of a door, on the carpet, or in a hatch, at the base of a tree, and so on. There are many such coil can also be connected in series. The wounds of the coil may be larger or smaller in diameter, more or less, and the power of the transmitter may be varied, and the receiver sensitivity. Radio reception may affect attention points near the Tx coil. The circuit is very simple, hope to help you. 





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