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Explain the principle burglar alarm timer

2016-02-21 08:31  
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This article is timed to explain the principles of burglar alarm. The combination of text read schematics would be more effective to grasp this principle. This is a simple but effective alarm circuit can reset its own after some time you choose. It has normally open, normally closed trigger to make this circuit is very practical. This alarm clock has normally open, normally closed triggers. It is a 555 timer so the alarm will reset it self after a certain period of time. Time is adjustable by a variable resistor in the circuit. Alarm clock has a reset switch, you can replace it with a key switch to make it more secure, you can change the trigger other types of door or window switch  too. Alarm clock do? Use a relay, it is related to an alarm and siren but you can replace anything you want. But the 9-volt circuit operation can range from 4 v - 16 v. If it is the first time to understand this principle, we might Duokanjibian.

Timed Burglar Alarm

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