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LM555 Timer Delay Signal Clock Circuit

2016-02-21 10:37  
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Here is  LM555  timerdelay signal clock circuit. TheLM555 timercircuit is similar to the one above but employs two stages so that both the pulse width and delay can be controlled. TheLM555 timercircuit below illustrates generating a single positive pulse which is delayed relative to the trigger input time. This same circuit can be built using the dual LM555 timer which is a 556, however the pin numbers will be different.When the button is depressed, the output of the first stage will move up and remain near the supply voltage until the delay time has elapsed, which in this case is about 1 second. The second LM555 timer stage will not respond to the rising voltage since it requires a negative, falling voltage at pin 2, and so the second stage output remains low and the relay remains de-energized. At the end of the delay time, the output of the first stage returns to a low level, and the falling voltage causes the second stage to begin it’s output cycle which is also about 1 second as shown. Here is a schematic LM555 timer delay signal clock circuit:


LM555 Timer Delay Signal Clock Circuit 400x144 LM555 Timer Delay Signal Clock Circuit

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