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Latching relay protective burglar alarm

2016-02-20 20:06  
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A latch could simply be a relay, part of whose switched current is diverted to supplement its control current. These days, it would more likely be implemented with aTTL flip-flop.Not different from a switch that causes these things to happen, though a burglar alarm would probably include a latch to keep the bell ringing after the alarm had been tripped.When the protective circuit is interrupted (opened), the alarm sounds. To set the circuit, adjust R2 (with protective circuit open) for 1 V across Rl.Closing the protective circuit (R1 to R2) applies positive voltage to the gate of SCR1  and sounds the alarm.The principle of operation of this burglar alarm is simple. When the intensity of sound exceeds certain intensity, the alarm is triggered and the siren begins to operate. The speaker beeps and the flasher (light) flashes. These actions thus alert the owner of the residence and/or security personnel of the presence of an intruder.

Latching burglar alarm