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Low Voltage Car Battery Warning Circuit

2016-02-20 10:55  
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Voltage low warning circuit

Voltage low warning circuit

Come again for voltage low warning circuit ,You can apply in your car to check voltage.
The same circuit can be used as an indicator of low voltage alarm when 10 volts Zener diode replaced by a Zener 1N5233B  6.2 volt.

The connection pin 4 of the LM339 and two resistors instead of 10K level sensor.
Connect a 1K resistor in the output of 12 volts (pin 3 of LM339) and a 10K resistor to ground (pin 12 of LM339). Set potentiometer reference voltage 0.5 * Low operating voltage of the street, the output voltage of 5 volts pot , If you travel a circuit with 10 volts. You can reduce the calculation of delay exceeds the threshold of 6.2 volts instead of 10 volts and current, if the index you want to shorten.
Electronic Part
R1, R3 1K 1/4W Resistor
R2 5K Pot
U1 LM339 Op Amp IC
D1 1N5233B Zener Diode
BZ1 Piezo Buzzer

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