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Motorcycle Alarm Series

2016-02-20 02:39  
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This circuit is designed to create an early warning alarm system for any form of theft that are important to the owners of a motorcycle or bicycle. This alarm system can be used a number of normally open switches such as mercury (italics) switch. It works by allowing or disrupt the flow of electric current in a circuit. Physical position or alignment of the switch in relation to the gravity of the earth is a place where many functions depending on buttons. No current will flow to the electrical contacts along the mercury remained at the lowest point of the glass bulb. However, after the switch is tilted at an angle or a certain direction, the liquid mercury will touch the set of contacts and will generate electrical connections between the contacts. When the switch is tilted back in the opposite direction of electric current to stop immediately. The following is a schematic drawing:

Alarm Circuit Built for Motorcycles1 Motorcycle Alarm Series

Mercury switch is positioned so that they will close when the bike is lifted off his side stood, pushed forward from its center stand, or the director will be moved. Sirens will sound for at least one wizard that will be closed. The alarm will reset, after about two minutes, when the switch has been opened again. Change the value of capacitor C1 changes the time delay for the alarm to turn OFF. When the alarm is silent, almost no current use.

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