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Motorcycle alarm circuit 4

2016-02-19 10:41  
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This article describes a motorcycle alarm circuit 4. As long as Duokanjibian The schematic can master the principles of it. This circuit is for technical exchanges. The circuit can protect your motorcycle. This is a simple, easy to build - transistor based motorcycle alarm. It is used to operate at 12 volts. However, if you change the relay for 6 volt coil - it will protect your "Classic Bike." Standby current is almost zero, so it will not leak your battery. Any number of normally open switch can be used. Suitable for mercury switches so that they close when the steering wheel is raised off the move or when the bicycle side stand or push the central station. Replace the use of protective micro switch movable plate and lid mold protection baskets. But at least one other switch remains closed - alarm sounds. After about a minute, all the switches have been opened again - the alarm will reset. How long it takes depends on the actual parts off the features you use. You can adjust the time to meet your needs change values ??C1 and / or R3. (BC557 )



Simple Motorcycle Alarm- Schematic Diagram

Simple Motorcycle Alarm - Veroboard Layout



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