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Musical Doorbell Circuit Diagram

2016-02-20 17:00  
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Musical Doorbell Circuit

Musical Doorbell Circuit Diagram

This musical doorbell circuit uses UM3481 A series IC.? It is intended for applications such as toys, door bells, music boxes, melody clock/timers and telephones. The UM3481A is designed to play the melody according to the previously programmed information and is capable of generating 16 songs with 3 instrument effects: piano, organ and mandolin.

Musical Doorbell Circuit Diagram

C22.2μF 16V
LS14Ω 0.5W Speaker
PB1Push to On Switch
IC1Um3481A, UM3482A or UM3483A

This circuit has very? low stand-by current. C1 and R1 act as the timing components for the built in oscillator. This IC also includes a preamplifier which provides a simple interface to the driver circuit. Q1 is used for driving the speaker.

Um3481A, UM3482A and UM3483A song list

Song List

When you push the PB1 switch, playing one song and it is auto stop.

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