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NAND Gate Clock Generator circuit diagram

2016-02-18 21:45  
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The following diagram is the Clock Generator circuit diagram which build based on NAND Gate logic IC. You may use IC 7400 or 4011 for this circuit. The 7400 is a TTL type, while 4011 is CMOS type. IC 4011 is cheaper than 7400 but the 7400 is faster than 4011.

NAND Gate Clock Generator circuit

Circuit Notes:

Excellent clock generator to drive 4017 type cmos circuits.R1 = 10K to 10M, C1 = 100pF to 47uF.Fo is ±1Kz when R1=100K and C1=10nF.You must use regulated 5V input voltage for 7400, while CMOS 4011 can be from 5 to 15V.

Below are the pin assignment for NAND Gate TTL IC 7400 and NAND Gate CMOS IC 4011:

NAND Gate Clock Generator circuit

NAND Gate Clock Generator circuit



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