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Oscillator Temperature alarm circuit

2016-02-20 06:05  
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Temperature alarm is Designed to alert homeowners whenever environmental changes present a threat to the home, these do-it-yourself devices are a must for every house, apartment and condominium. They are also highly recommended for environmental monitoring at vacation properties and business spaces.The mute pin of this dual audio amplifier is used as the trigger for a one chip high-temperature alarm.One-half of the IC is connected as anoscillator and the other boosts the audio alarm outputs to 10W.Single Setting Temperature Alarm, Adjustment from -10 to 80 Degrees Fahrenheit, Alarm On Temperature Rise Or Temperature Fall, Power 120 VAC, Power Cord 6 Foot, Audible Buzzer, Remote Connection Rater 120 Volts AC 5 Amps, Sensor Encapsulated With 6 Foot Cord.

Temperature alarm