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Parallel loop and closed loop Alarm Circuit

2016-02-19 16:09  
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For the parallel loop configuration is used four switches connected in parallel and are used for monitoring . When one of the four switch is closed SCR1 triggers , which sound the alarm .The function of the closed loop circuit alarm is same as parallel loop alarm , but in this case the alarm is activated when one of the switch ( that is connected in series at this alarm type ) is open .This alarm has statusLEDs connected across each inverter output to indicate the status of its associated sensor. S8 is used to monitor the switches via the LEDs, or to trigger an alarm via Q1 and SCR1.A  alarm circuit can be constructed using one thyristor  (SCR ) a buzzer and other few external  components  . This alarm circuit can work in parallel loop or closed loop configuration . As you can see in this electronic schematic circuits the device is very simple

Multi Loop Parallel Alarm Circuit 

BZ1 should be a suitable alarm of the noninterrupting type.