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Precipitation alert

2016-02-21 11:41  
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Below is a schematic showing rainfall alert. With text to understand the schematic diagram will be more efficient to understand oh. The precipitation alarm circuit using 555 astable multivibrator, to about 1 khz Upon detecting water. When the sensor is soaked in water to complete the circuit, so that the oscillation  of about 555 years 1 khz. It must be placed to form an angle of about 30 - 45 degrees to the ground. This makes the water flow through it to the ground, to prevent the alarm continues since the water stored in the sensor. Exposure to X and Y sensor, you can get a small crocodile clips or you may be using screws. The sensor must be used in the manufacture of aluminum metal instead of copper. This is due to the formation of a blue copper oxide layer in its prolonged exposure to moisture and must be cleaned regularly. Aluminum foil can be fixed on a wooden / plastic board via epoxy adhesive or small screws. The simple but practical principle is that we evaluated.



This circuit gives out an alarm when its sensor is wetted by water.Rain Alarm



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