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Principles water level indicator and alarm display

2016-02-21 15:04  
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This article is the display of the principle of the water level indicator and alarm. The circuit not only suggest that amount of water in the high slot, and give an alarm when the tank is full. Faster to master the principle of combination you can text carefully look at the schematic diagram. The circuit using widely available two-way switch CD4066, CMOS integrated circuit instruction level by light-emitting diodes (leds). When water is empty in the wire slot is open, and 180 k resistor to open the switch switch, low so the led off. When water began to fill up, the first line of tank is connected to the S1 and short circuit when the water supply. This closes the switch S1 and turn on LED1. As the water continued to refuel, LEDs2, 3, and 4 light gradually. The no. Level indicator can increase to 8 if 2 CD4066  ICs used in a similar way. Filled with water, at the base of the transistor BC148 roll up high the water soak the transistor at the buzzer. The single-pole single-throw switch must be opened, dropped the buzzer. Remember to switch on and pumping buzzer will not voice! The principle of simple but practical, you master?


Water Level Indicator with alarm

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