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Robbery alarm circuit study

2016-02-21 13:18  
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Hijack Alarm

This article describes a robbery alarm circuit. As long as Duokanjibian The schematic can master the principles of it. This circuit is for technical exchanges. This circuit is mainly used in this case: a robber forces the driver from the car. If a door is opened while the ignition is turned, the circuit will trip. After a few minutes delay - when the thief is at a safe distance, the alarm will sound and the engine will fail. Relays must be suitable for the current need to carry. Choose one specifically for automotive - will prevent the elements and will give the best long-term reliability. You do not want to let you down in the cold wet night - or worse - in the fast-moving traffic!!! Fit  1N4001  diode in its coils to prevent damage Cmos IC. Your relay should quit school when Ry2 de excitation. Line your relay drops out when it will stop the engine. Because off the ignition will lead to two Ry2 and relays to disconnect, the standby current will be low and the engine will be disabled while the vehicle is parked. Element to the protective circuit board. Moisture or condensation can cause malfunction. Suitable for 1 amp inline fuse as close as possible to your power supply. It is very important. There fuse protection circuit, rather than the component circuit boards. Please note that I am unable to provide further assistance, or choose a suitable relay or proposed installation. Two alarms and buzzer alarm will be issued before reset. Circuit design is the use of an electronic siren intended to about 500 ma. This is not usually best to use a vehicle horn, because it can easily find and disconnect. However, if you choose to use the horn, remember, Ry1 too small to carry the necessary current. A coil connected to an appropriately rated relay, "witch" output. This can be used for sound speakers. To reset the circuit, you must turn off the ignition or close all the doors you press the reset button. Though it is still in the ignition and a door open circuit does not reset.


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