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Small Loop Alarm Circuit Schematic Showing

2016-02-18 22:26  
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This article is a small loop alarm circuit schematic presentation. The circuit is completely original, by the same transistor tw1o Switch. Each has its own alarm LED and they are coupled neat 82 db buzzer. This tw1o 1 n4148 diode is used to prevent the signal from a sensor triggers two light-emitting diodes. This sensor using either a wire ring or a normally closed reed switch or even a combination of both. Because this small alarm clock in order to keep within reach at any time, without any requirement automatically shut down after a certain period of time. Beeper will sound until you turn off the entire circuit or connecting wire loop-back jumper. Similarly, tw1o led, each indicating its own zone. Pair of transistors, you can use any NPN general-purpose audio amplifier / switch (BC107 /108/109, BC 237/238, 2 n2222 n3904 ...), 2. Perforated circuit board assembly. Together with the buzzer and 9 v battery, it should be easy to integrate into a pocket-sized plastic box. A new battery should be enough weeks of continuous operation.

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