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Sound bell circuit with ic 8021

2016-02-21 08:52  
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This is a simple bell sound generator circuit,Power supply 3Volt, and used on small speakers,and there is less equipment to create simple, well offline.
Operation of the switch S1 is in ON position to a current flowing into pin 5 of IC.To IC1 by IC1 to work with a sound production IC Ting Tong.When we switch S2 will cause the voltage at pin 3 of IC1 is 0 volts, IC1 to function as a result.The output signal from the pin 6 of IC.The signal will be increased by the amplifier Q1 and Q2.This is the audio amplifier. Extending the leg B of the Q1 signal to noise in the speaker SP1.

Sound bell circuit with ic 8021

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