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Speed Limit Alert Circuit Diagram

2016-02-21 06:50  
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Speed Limit Alert Circuit Diagram 300x257 Speed Limit Alert Circuit Diagram

Function: to alert the vehicle driver that he/she has reached the maximum fixed speed limit.? Component: 1K 1/4W Resistors, 50K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet, Trimmer Cermet, 100μF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors, Red LEDs 3 or 5mm., 1N4148 75V 150mA Diodes, CA3140 or TL061 Op-amp IC, BC238 25V 100mA NPN Transistors, 10mH miniature Inductor, Piezo sounder , SPST Slider Switch, 9V PP3 Battery.[alibahmaei.blogfa.com]

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