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Travel Touch Alarm Circuit

2016-02-18 11:29  
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The article describes the tourism touch alarm circuit. The circuit is very simple, very helpful. Travel Touch Alarm can be used to provide an audible alarm you? When people come into contact with the door handle or the handle of your hotel room. The door handle or process must be performed by a metal circuit. Major chip circuit is a 555 timer will trigger if the hand close to or come into contact with the door handle. Circuit is connected to the door handle at the end of a meg-ohm resistor. Once triggered timer LED will light and the output of a single-junction transistor will sound speakers. The timer time is 5 seconds. Triggering event can be changed by changing the sensitivity of 1 meg ohm resistor to another value. Five seconds can be adjusted by changing the value of the resistor connected between the pin 8 and pin 7. Output tone can be changed by changing the RC value based on the single-junction transistor. If you understand this principle is not very thorough, it is recommended to understand this circuit an important component: 2N2646 . 

Travel Alarm


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