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Wire loop alarm circuit

2016-02-19 22:18  
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This article describes a wire loop alarm circuit theory. For your better understanding in the diagram, we recommend that you look at the text. This circuit is a simple wire loop alarm, can be used in the doorway, hallway, or any other place will, trip wire breaking the invaders. This circuit has built a siren, but it can be replaced by a relay to drive external siren,commercial alarm . The loop of the circuit can be any type of connection wires, up resistance is approximately 90 k. Use very thin wire (40 awg, case) would make a very sensitive line line, but will shorten the distance you can string due to the high resistance. The circuit can be replaced with an alarm relay to drive external loads.Understanding of the text, you can plug a high efficiency.

alarm1 wire loop alarm
alarm1 wire loop alarm