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120W Stereo Amplifier using STK4241V

2016-05-05 08:02  
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120W Stereo Amplifier using STK4241V
Here is a circuit 120 watt stereo amplifier using STK4241V. The MAX9710 a stereo audio power amplifier capable of delivering 2 x 120 W of the IC to put loads of 8 ohms. MAX9710 can be operated from ± 32V single power supply of ± 54V.

This amplifier circuit is ideal for audio devices for home supply. STK4241V amplifier specifications might lead one to believe that you can use supply voltages of ± 78V. With zero input signal (and therefore no way out) I could, but I would not recommend anything better than ± 45V 8-ohm loads, if expected, although ± 54V will be fine if you can provide a good heat sink. Advertisement: