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140W Power Amplifier with STA5100 circuit diagram

2015-01-06 09:11  
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This is a mono amplifier circuit powered with single Amplifier chip STA5100. The chip will deliver single power output at 140 watt.

Circuit diagram:

140W Power Amplifier with STA5100 circuit

The circuit contains all the blocks to build a mono amplifier. It is based on the Output Bridge Power Amplifier, and its protection circuit. Moreover, the compression function and a signal rectifier are added to complete the circuit.
The operation modes are driven by The Turn-on/off sequence block. In fact the IC can be set in three states by
the Stby/mute pin:

Standby ( Vpin < 0.8V), Mute (1.6V < Vpin < 3V), and Play (Vpin > 4V).

In the Standby mode all the circuits involved in the signal path are in off condition, instead in Mute mode the circuits are biased but the Speakers Outputs are forced to ground potential.

Download theSTA5100 datasheet



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